Some people just make it look so easy!

They seem to be everywhere… podcasts, social media, newspapers.

How do they do it?

I’ve worked with tons of founders and CEOs from various businesses.

I’ve noticed 4 strategies that bold AF people do to raise their profile, get noticed and position themselves as experts in their industry.

Guess what?! I’ve shared them here…

1. Connect & Collaborate

They don’t just sit behind their computer all day hoping a great opportunity will drop in their lap. They reach out to others and connect.

They seek out individuals who complement what they do. They strike up a conversation and look to partner with them.

Maybe you’re a mindset coach, you could look to collaborate on a course with a nutritionist providing a total mind and body workshop.  

You could offer to speak in someone else’s Facebook group.

By working together with others and combining your strengths, it opens doors and creates opportunities you’d never expect.

2. Invest in themselves

Every successful person values self-improvement.

They invest in themselves to achieve success, whether through online training courses or getting a mentor or business coach.

Investing in yourself can help you achieve great things.

I was a bit slow to realise this but in the last year I’ve invested in training courses and a business coach and it’s been a game-changer!

How does investing in yourself increase your visibility?!

It builds your confidence and increases your network of connections… both are important elements when wanting to become more visible.

3. They look for PR opportunities

Hey, I’m a PR consultant so yes, of course this was going to make the list!


Successful people put themselves out there, whether it’s through guest blogs, podcasts or pitching their story to local and national press as well as magazines.

I heard a quote recently… “You can’t use Facebook advertising to build AUTHORITY and CREDIBILITY!”

That kind of positioning only comes from third party endorsements that you get from PR!


Successful people do all of the things above consistently!

Let me level with you…

Yes, of course you can build a business without doing these things BUT if you want a wildly successful business that helps you achieve your dreams, then you need to be VISIBLE.

That means being BOLD and following these strategies.

What would you prefer to do – grow quietly and slowly or Be BOLD, SASSY and BUILD that business of your dreams?!

Answers on a postcard (or just below in the comments) …

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