PR for B2B brands


PR for B2B brands


Find the emotion in your story…

If you’re trying to get your story featured in the media and the press seem to be ignoring you, you need to tap into the emotion of what you’re doing. Emotion commands attention. If you can find the emotion in what you’re doing, you’ll get attention from a journalist...

Want media attention? Follow the leader…

Checking out your competition’s website is a good place to start building your own media list. It’s often referred to as the ‘follow the leader’ technique and is a great way to figure out which publications you should appear in. You can do this in one of two ways....

The Power of PR

Why PR? What are the benefits to media and how can it help your business? It’s a must for anyone wanting to boost their visibility. Media includes appearing in your local, regional and national newspapers, magazines, radio, podcasts, guest blogging and TV. Why is it...

Media outlets looking for good news

Media outlets looking for good news

You’d be forgiven for thinking the media is only focusing on doom and gloom. But journalists are just as fed up with coronavirus stories too. If you need a powerful counterbalance to regular news and have a good news story to share, here’s my round-up of online...

4 False Beliefs when it comes to Being Visible

Being visible can make all the difference to having a wildly successful business. That includes posting on social media, doing Facebook lives, networking and being featured in the press. Sometimes that little voice inside our head stops us from stepping outside our...

6 Stats You Need to Know Before Pitching Your Story to the Press

As a PR strategist, I read A LOT! Why? I need to keep updated on trends happening in the media so I can give my clients the best tips and advice when it comes to all things PR. This week I came across some interesting stats that I’d like to share from Muck Rack – a PR...

4 Things Wildly Successful People Do to Be more VISIBLE

Some people just make it look so easy! They seem to be everywhere… podcasts, social media, newspapers. How do they do it? I’ve worked with tons of founders and CEOs from various businesses. I’ve noticed 4 strategies that bold AF people do to raise their profile, get...


Originally from Louisiana in the good ol’ USA, Chenoa Parr is a PR and media relations strategist who has spent over 25 years working in the corporate world.

She now shares her knowledge and expertise helping B2B brands to skyrocket their reputation, attract new clients and position themselves as experts in their field by landing high-profile media coverage.

Chenoa guides her clients through her 5-step process to pitch and land their dream media coverage.

Her clients have appeared in The Times, The Guardian, BBC and countless other media.

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