Being visible can make all the difference to having a wildly successful business.

That includes posting on social media, doing Facebook lives, networking and being featured in the press.

Sometimes that little voice inside our head stops us from stepping outside our comfort zone but nothing incredible happens in your comfort zone.

Would you believe that false beliefs can sabotage your success?

Believe it or not, your thoughts and beliefs around your business can cause some serious havoc around being successful.

Here are the 4 things I hear my clients tell themselves.

  1. People will think “who do they think they are?!”

Without a doubt this is the number thing I hear people say. First, and foremost, no one is going to say that.

And even if they did, why are you worried about it? Why would you let that stand in your way of success?

Secondly, who cares? They’re not paying your bills. You’re not relying on them for your success.

Challenge that voice what says that.

I don’t know if it comes with age but these days, I think… what do you mean ‘who do I think I am? I’m PR guru for god’s sake! I’d never say that out loud but damn it, own it!

Step into the spotlight soak up the limelight you deserve and own it.

2. Journalists are too scary!

Many people are too scared to reach out to journalists to get their story out there.

I know it can feel scary.

When I first started years ago, I was a nervous wreck before picking up the phone.

What if they shout or worse put the phone down!

First of all, that’s never happened to me.

Secondly, journalists need us. And most aren’t that mean either 😉

Take it from me… Don’t be publicity-shy!

Remember reporters, editors and programme makers all need to fill their pages and airtime with interesting stories like yours.

They’re actively looking for content so give it to them!

Ever wondered why the same ‘experts’ always pop-up on your TV or radio?

Because they’ve become a reliable source.

If you’re 100% focused on telling great stories, rather than selling, you can build long-term relationships with the press.

You can become their go-to expert.

3. My story’s not good enough

Everybody has a story to tell. You just need to know how to tell it.

Think around the edges of your business.

Your business is not your story.

It comes with understanding that you need to turn your business on its head and turn into a story scout and it does take practice.

There are people who need to hear your story so that they can find you and you can share your gifts with them.

4. It’s too complicated so I just won’t do anything!

As a result of all these self-limiting beliefs, this paralysis sets in. I’ve been there myself. Not with press coverage but with doing a Facebook live, posting on social media in general. And you think oh it’s too complicated. I won’t bother!

But the benefits of stepping up and getting more visible are amazing and incredibly powerful.

So what’s the one step you can take to make yourself more visible?



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