If you’re trying to get your story featured in the media and the press seem to be ignoring you, you need to tap into the emotion of what you’re doing.

Emotion commands attention.

If you can find the emotion in what you’re doing, you’ll get attention from a journalist and you’ll also forge a strong connection with their and your audience.

Journalists are looking for a good story, something compelling to help them connect with their readers.

We all crave that connection.

But for some reason when we put our ‘business hat’ on, we lose that connection. We go into corporate jargon and use terms like:

🙊 ‘enable seamless supply chains’
🙊 ‘streamline innovative platforms’
🙊 ‘transition transparent technologies’

Nooooo! 🤦

You wouldn’t talk like that with your friends in the pub. So why do we do it when emailing a journalist, writing content for websites or social media posts?!

Step back and figure out how your product or service is transforming people’s lives.  

What is the greater good you are achieving, not the features of your software or app but what is the wider impact?

For example, the food waste app – Too Good To Go – doesn’t focus on their features. They tell the story of how their app is saving tonnes of wasted food that would’ve ended up in landfills and how this is helping to save the planet.

I saw a story recently about how a dad used their app to save enough money to pay for their first family holiday. Powerful stuff!

They’re inspiring people to join their revolution and to be part of a bigger thing. That commands attention! 

And before you say, ‘but we don’t have any stories like that’, you do. You just need to be creative.

If you’re struggling, that’s where we come in. We work with B2B companies to help get clear on their messaging and raise their profile so that they can attract their next round of funding and conquer the world. If that sounds like you, get in touch.