With press coverage you get visibility.

It opens doors.

It helps people to find you.

It’s amazing and very powerful for getting your message out there.

So what’s stopping you from getting that sweet press coverage?

It’s YOU.

But I’m going to attract attention!” (I can hear you saying!)

YEP! That’s the point!

You can’t run a business and not tell people about it!

I work with amazing people doing amazing things.

But sometimes the fear of stepping up stops them.

It’s frustrating!

I can see the potential and the opportunities that they’re leaving behind by not stepping up!

I can give you all the tips and techniques and show you step-by-step how to get press coverage.

But you need something far more powerful. You need self-belief and confidence.

I want you to step up and step out of your comfort zone because…

  • There are people out there who need your service, but they can’t find you because you’re not showing up!
  • You’re depriving yourself and you’re depriving others of your experience and knowledge… the very people you want to help.
  • If you want to reach the next level in your business, you need powerful, high-profile publicity that only comes with appearing in the press. Otherwise you’re missing out on opportunities.

Yes, I know it’s scary!

Being visible attracts attention.

It also attracts new clients and new opportunities.

And damn, it also gives you that validation that “hell yeah, you’re good at what you do!

You’re probably thinking… “oh that’s easy for you, you’re in PR! You’re good at this!”

I haven’t always felt comfortable with speaking in public and drawing attention to myself.

I’ve got worries and insecurities, but I also know one thing… what other people think of me ain’t going to pay my bills!

So, what’s stopping you from being more visible?

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